Trackbook - free qr-tags for tracking.

Have you ever wondered where your book is that you lent out, but you have even forgotten who have it, or your tools. Have someone taken something by mistake? Or where is the company equipment, who have it now? Or where is your lost keys? Keys are more complicated, you can just give out anonymous information, but we have an solution for that also. It's simple, just put a qr-tag on your things. Trackbook is unique, free and flexible. QR-tags can be used for anything like: pets, vehicles, bikes, guest books, storages, package. You can upload an image to a corresponding qr-tag, its useable for example storage if you wants to see what you have put in the box. If you put an qr-tag on a tool cabinet its easy to scan it and see what should be inside it.

Create a free QR code for tracking

Example of an qr-tag, scan it with your mobile or use the link to leave a comment.